The Illinois USBC BA is always open to accepting bids from any local association that would be interested in hosting our annual Council of Delegates meeting and Hall of Fame events.   To send a request, contact the Illinois USBC BA Association Manager, name listed below.




1.            DATE SELECTION:  We prefer  the third weekend of October, but the fourth would be acceptable.

2.            SITE:  The meeting and dinner can be held in different venues, rather than both to be held at the same site.


3.            HOTEL OR MOTEL
Select one that is suitable for accomodations and easily reached.
                a.            OPTIONAL - Friday evening Association Hospitality Room - 4:00  - 11:00 pm

                                b.            Meeting room for IUSBC BA committees Saturday morning, starting 8:00 am, for 8-15 people.

                                c.             Room for IUSBC Board of Directors, Saturday, 10:15am, 25-30 people, auditorium style.

                                d.            Room for Council of Delegates, Saturday 11:30 am-??, 90-100 people, auditorium style.

                                e.            Facilities on site for a cashbar cocktail hour on Saturday usually starting at 5:30 pm.

                                f.             Facilities on site to for a dinner for 150-175 people, usually starting at 6:30 pm

                                g.            Able to block out rooms for Friday, 30-40 rooms at special rate, if possible.

                                h.            Able to block out rooms for Saturday, 50-75 rooms at special rate, if possible.

                                i.              Provide a complimentary room, each, for Friday and Saturday for the IUSBC BA President

                                                and Association Manager, if possible.  Note:  with the large number of rooms used

                                                that weekend, should be no problem getting the gratis rooms.
                                j.             Obtain the room block on a per room basis, not person, as less expensive.
                                                The IUSBC BA handles all of the attendance requests, on special forms they provide.

k.                   Tables for current and those to be inducted that are to be placed nearest the speakerís table.  The IUSBC Association Manager handles the seating arrangement.

l.                     Reserved tables.  A table can be reserved for groups of eight or ten, based on what the hotel uses. The association provides the number to a table to the IUSBC BA.

m.                The IUSBC BA Association Manager will print the Hall of Fame dinner tickets.

n.                  The IUSBC BA Association Manager will print the program (unless the Association wishes to do this).  If the local does the program, The Hall of Fame brochure for placement in the printed program will be handled by the IUSBC BA.

o.                  The speakers table should have a microphone/wireless type.. Seating: Local association president, master of ceremonies, preacher, IUSBC BA President, IUSBC BA Association Manager, local city official, and wives, if applicable.

p.                  The IUSBC BA President will conduct the roll call introductions for the current Hall of Fame members present.  Since seats are assigned by table number, we will use the wireless mic to go to each HOF member's table and ask them to say a few words.

q.                  The Master of Ceremonies or the President of the IUSBC BA conducts the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  The IUSBC BA selects the Master of Ceremonies.

r.                    Have chairs available (for the number of new inductees), which will be placed in front of the speakers table when the ceremony begins.  After each inductee is honored and makes their short speech, the person leaves the podium and takes a seat in front.


4.            BOWLING:  Select a bowling establishment for the tournament, on Saturday, to accommodate 50-75 bowlers.  One shift of bowling, on Saturday, to start at approximately 2:00 pm.  Suggest that if have ample number of lanes available. Schedule four bowlers to a pair of lanes.  This will result in the singles being completed in about an hour.  This will provide the bowlers more time to prepare for the Saturday evening activities. Inasmuch as the majority of the bowlers names will be known in advance, the association should post a print on Friday evening, near where people check in, or at the Council of Delegates meeting, showing bowlers name, average and lane assignment, eliminating need to check in at the center.  Also, it would help if the bowling center can pre-enter the names into their computers.
There will still be a few add-ons, but these should be minor, and easily handled.


5.            MEMORIAL SERVICE.  If you can obtain someone at no cost to sing an appropriate song, good.  If not,
the use of a tape or cd of a favorite gospel song, such as Youíll Never Walk Alone or Amazing Grace, etc.,  the music can be set on low volume, so the person handling the service can speak over the music..


6.            BOWLING TOURNAMENT:  The entry fee for this tournament shall be $?? , the balance left after paying for the linegage will be the prize fund. The local association has the option to provide scorekeepers at no cost, or have the bowlers record the scores on the recap sheets. 


TROPHY:  The local association provides both the scratch and handicap trophy or plaque.  A person
               cannot win both.  Usually the center hosting the tournament provides this, at no cost.


7.            MEAL COST:  The people like a good meal, and served hot. What has come into favor lately, has been a dual entreí meal.This would take care of most people, and if one didnít like one type of entreí they could switch with someone else. Keep in mind that a number of the guests canít eat ham or pork.  The fancy vegetables (cauliflower, squash, etc.) do not usually meet favor with the majority, though they look nice on the plate.  Try to obtain a dessert.  Try to obtain the lowest price possible for the selections available.


8.            The IUSBC BA pays for the following Hall of Fame dinner tickets:

                Two (2) tickets to the following:

                                Current members of the Illinois Bowling Hall of Fame

                                Illinois USBCWBA BA  President

                                Illinois USBCWBA BA Association Manager

                Two (2) tickets to the following:

                                The newest inductees into the Illinois Bowling Hall of Fame

                                Current IUSBC board of directors and active volunteers of the IUSBC BA.

                                Guests as authorized by the IUSBC BA Association Manager


                                From the Local Association,  the following people, if applicable:

                                Master of ceremonies


                                Local dignitary, such as Mayor, etc.

                                Association President

                                Association Manager



9.            MAILING:  The IUSBC emails the literature on the conference.  Initially, the local association is provided a work copy of the proposed activities for the weekend. They in turn make the necessary changes, as to where, times and costs and return this to the IUSBC BA.  The finished product is then mailed by the IUSBC BA, along with any other materials.  The mailing is done the latter part of August or first week of September.  Earlier than that, the mailing gets lost in the shuffle.

The material will be emailed to the Illinois local associationís Association Manager, and the IUSBC BA board of
               directors/active volunteers, current/new inductees of the Hall of Fame, and IUSBC guests.


10.          Suggest your deadline for making of motel reservations, the dinner and bowling, be about one week prior to the event.  Cutting it off sooner creates scheduling problems greater than would be by a week's time limit.   You can keep track of the hotel reservations, or have the hotel handle the reservations.


11.          REGISTRATION:  Since the ISBC BA will have a list of those planning to attend, people will pick up their
               dinner tickets in the hospitality room, assuming we will have one.

12.          NEWSPAPER/TV/RADIO:  Try to obtain some news coverage for the Hall of Fame event.
                Try to have the master of ceremonies meet with the IUSBC BA Association Manager on Saturday to        answer
               any concerns regarding the dinner that evening.  The IUSBC BA president may be present.

13.      PRIZE MONEY:  The prize money paid to the winning scores of the bowling tournament is handled at the Hall of Fame dinner, or mailed to the local
           association manager. One important item---if someone is not present to receive their prize money, and it is given to someone to give to them, be certain
           that you record the name of the person you gave the money.  We have had instances, years ago, that the money never reached the right person's hands.

14.          The IUSBC BA will pay the local association the fees due them, at an agreeable location.







                Dona Reinink

                Illinois USBC BA Association Manager



                As of November 1, 2016